Production Manager

This week we have been looking into different mediums for our video, we have looked at lots of different programmes we could use, from animation programmes to just drawing our ideas and explaining. We have chosen to use a platform called Prezi ( this site lets you present your ideas in a more visual way, it is a lot like a powerpoint presentation but is a lot more professional. The site lets you insert pictures and videos and also lets you narrate over the top of them, it will also help us tie in the three ideas our groups have in a presentable way. Our groups have three very different ideas so its not going to be an easy task to conclude the video, but we are all focusing on one main thing which is money so we are in the process of writing an introduction and conclusion.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 14.00.59

Above you will see our first layout on prezi, each bubble will represent a block on our storyboard and in these bubbles there will be pictures and videos that will help our NGO to understand our idea. This week we have started the script for our final production but because we have limited time so we have to be concise, below is our group introduction.

‘So what exactly are we doing? Well after weeks of researching and brainstorming. we finally developed a simple yet effective and an elegant solution for our NGO to use to conquer their financial problem. So the first thing that tingled in our mind was obviously to support them financially which we think the best way would be crowdsourcing. How could this be done?’

After this will follow a overview of our 3d printing idea.


One thought on “Production Manager

  1. Really like the idea of prezi, makes me wonder why we didn’t do that.. However, try not to make it too much animation and boring narrating. It will soon turn in to a boring recitation of bullet points (as with some of last years’s presentations). Good luck combining the 3 different ideas, I’m looking forward to seeing the final results!


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