Here’s the hangout with Alan:

Here’s the hangout with Nancy:

However, we had some connection issues while talking to Nancy. Thus there’s a part of the video missing. However, there was some really useful advice for those of you who are busy with video production already. How to present your finial ideas and make them clear for others? Nancy offered to use the method from Chinese whispers game. And if you think of it, using the “side listener” is the most convenient way to sharpen the language of your presentation and try to bring your ideas so clear that people who weren’t involved in your work process from the beginning will still understand it. This kind of feedback on the early stage can help you also to reveal problems, weak points or even some mistakes.

Making mistakes is better than faking perfections.

It’s ok to be wrong now and face obstacles along the way. That probably means that you’re moving in the right direction 😉


One thought on “LOADS OF OPTIONS

  1. Just to highlight some important things that Alen has gave us for our preparation of our final video. He mentioned that you should not try and cramp everything in the video, however get the vital parts in it. Its about the quality of the the content not the quantity. And he said make it entertaining too. Good luck for the video!


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