Crowdfunding is a fundraising method that facilitates the implemantation of projects, a product, or business ideas through an online platform. It mainly involves people that donate a certain amount of money that is usually given back or compensate with another product. 
There are many crowdfunding sites out there , which are helping small companies or ideas come to life. Robotica Educativa’s problem is the cost of components.
So putting the concept on a website like Kickstarter ( could help raise money to create an online platform where the components can be designed by anyone and then printed for free. Kickstarter works by people pledging money in return for something like money, but as Robotica educativa is a non profit company in return they could give the pledgers the 3d printed components so they can make a robot themselves. There are other sites specifically for non profit organisations like Razoo ( and startsomegood ( Similar to kickstarter, this company is supporting other companies, however the Money isn’t returned, but it is more of a donation. 

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