Sweet Spot Analysis

As we are currently learning in personal branding, the task of this week will be the discovery of our team sweet spot in order to establish clarity about the needs of our NGO that we are trying to meet all along this project.

The concept of the sweet spot model in which your purpose, your skills and your passions intersect, is helping us to realize what brings us to success. To accurately achieve successful work, we have to find out if, what we have to offer matches with our target audience. So when finding out our sweat spot, we are strategically discovering in what matters we can help our NGO and how we can satisfy their needs.

SweetSpot400 (2)

We selected our leading particularities for collaborative groupwork and listed them into gifts and passions. For instance we do consider ourselves as a creative and diverse team, that is easily winning different and original group contributions due to its multiculturalism. Concerning our passion for this project, we are very enthousiastic students willing to support and help the education-oriented organization in mexico.

Their main idea is to lower the price of the robot kits, because not every family is able to afford the high-priced sets. To decrease their expenses, we want therefore to connect Robotica Educativa with other similar communities in order to generate awareness and popularity among the society, which helps gathering financial support in terms of investors or financial institution. All in all through new ideas and technical support, our Roboblog team will be able to contribute developing an online platform for the talented kids, advise for fancy and innovative designs for the robot kits, and provide community interaction.


One thought on “Sweet Spot Analysis

  1. The idea of this was not just to perceive our NGO’s needs, however it was for US to get a clearer picture on what we could we offer and how we could help. It tightened our ideas and gave us a better focus on the problem.


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