Lets get nerdy

This week we are exploring the practice of technology stewardship. So what is technology stewardship ? We were looking through some tools that can be useful for our NGO and for our teamwork. For instance, we learnt to collaboratively create and share notes via MeetingWords (http;//MeetingWords.com). And it was extremely useful when we were developing the Spidergram. It helped our team to determine the exact activities and prioritise them. So after we created a spider gram, we had a better sense how different aspects and activities of our NGO scores. And we had a brainstorm what tools and technologies can support the most important activities.

From the spidergram we found one of the most important thing was the cost, and because robot kits cost a lot we looked into technologies that can help lower the costs of the components so in our group we set out to find a platform that can help our NGO lower the costs of the kits.

We have been looking into 3d printer projects and communities and have found a company called Makerbot (http://www.makerbot.com) they were one of the first companies to bring this technology away from big factories and onto your desk. Over the past few years as 3d printing has become more and more popular they have created a platform called Thingiverse (http://www.thingiverse.com) where you can download specific components or models and print them at home. A community like this could directly help our NGO as there are free components online, after finding the site we looked specifically into platforms just for robotics and we found the Poppy project (https://www.poppy-project.org) this site is an open-source platform for the creation and sharing of 3D printed robots, so this is a community who is creating a similar products so this would be a great organisation for Robotica educativa.

giphyAnother great company that Alan shared with us and which can be useful is RepRap  this company is making 3d printing affordable, and if Robotica Educativa wanted to expand their company they would only ever have to buy one 3D printer as RepRap has all the plastic components needed to build a second printer. (you can watch the video that explains everything below)


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