Our NGO…

…. is robotica educativa, they are a small non profit company based in Mexico who’s goal is to increase maths, physics and engineering skills in children from a young age so they develop a technical way of thinking . They do this by creating functional robots using lego kits, although these kits and great they are very expensive and cost upwards of 350 USD so we as a group are trying to find a solution to lower the costs.

We have made contact with our NGO Cinthia and she has informed us they have purchased a 3d printer to try and lower the costs of components, we have been thinking of all the 3D designing databases and platforms where we could find components that can easily be printed from the 3d printer in Mexico rather than being shipped. There are many communities and organisations that have readily available designs that can easily be printed for free so this could really help robotic educative lower costs in the future. This is a very important factor as the costs of these sets are too much for most of the children that want to take part, so if we help our NGO cut costs we could  increase the students and encourage technical skills in young kids.



2 thoughts on “Our NGO…

  1. This is a great project to have. I might suggest to think about the other important side of building 3D printers that make 3D printer parts (the one I remember hearing about was RepRap http://reprap.org/) — is that its much more than the parts. Working with these devices also takes knowhow, and dealing with broken parts or things that do not work. What kind of support structures might you create for the NGO’s clients? How can you offer remote support?

    Also, I might suggest when you are writing your posts to add some hyperlinks for the organization, and its logo. What if I find this and I am curious to learn more about the organization? Hyperlinks help connect readers to information w/o you having to explain it.


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