viva la bavaria

hello, or “servus” as we say in bavaria.

i´m hannes 21 years old and as stated above from germany. as far as I remember, i was always intrested in design at all but never had the right amount of courage trying to study it. on the other hand i´m able to look back on some years of experience in the petrochemical industry and as a physiotherapist. but finally i´m here, right in the middle of the netherlands and trying it. what else is still to be said? my superpower? i would say i stay calm in almost every situation, except big crowds, which sound pretty weird i guess. what i´m doing in my spare time? well, there´s perhaps my biggest passion, called rock climbing. why would you want to climb a rock? what if you fall. at the least you may get a few scratches. maybe break a bone or two or crack open your head like an egg. there wouldn’t be much left of you if you did. so why do it? definitely for the thrill and the exhilaration! it´s just an incredible experience when you´re facing the crux. but before i run off the topic i better come to an end. furthermore i love records, food,water,noise, hecticness…

stay tuned for more news about our project!


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