To the MAX!

Picture1My name is Maximillian Tan, yes there is $ in my name but I am not a millionaire YET. Now here is the boring part about myself, I am currently studying industrial designing engineering at the Hague university. Art and Psychology are my two favorite subjects, which I enjoyed at A Level . I am very interested in abstract art in developing my visual and spatial awareness.. What I love about art is that there are no restrictions, no rules, just enjoying visions that are invisible to others’ souls On the other hand, Psychology develops my inquisitive intellect about the human mind and behavior, and it intrigues me aslol regards to how we perceive things, maintain positive relationships and share information with others.

I would say I am a very active person and what I am proud to say is that I enjoy helping others. I volunteered as a teaching assistant at a refugee center (dignity for children) for two months during my summer break. I taught the children how to read and write English. I also had the chance to work in Kidzania in Year 12 as an entertainment assistant. It is an indoor family entertainment centre which offers an interactive learning environment and entertainment experience for young children. My main task was performing magic for children followed by a tutorial teaching them all the little secrets about magic. I learned many skills in this role including customer service and communication skills, and I had the opportunity to entertain young children. This work experience has made me realize the importance of designers work to plan the developmental of concepts aimed at optimizing the functions of structures  designed to meet the different needs of people. I am keen to move forward now and start the next stage of my education in which I can finally concentrate on those areas that both fascinate me intellectually and develop my passion for Design; that to me is something to really look forward to.


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