Lazy j

Hi all,

IMG_0394My names jack I’m 19 (20 on the 16th of September feel free to
buy me something) and I’m from England. Since i was young i always knew i wanted to do something design based so finding this course was perfect. I chose to move to The Hague after going traveling as i met some amazing people that studied abroad and heard some crazy stories about when they studied here plus it gave me an excuse to leave England so it was perfect.

Back home in England i work on an indoor ski slope so i get paid to snowboard which is a dream come true. I am a very keen snowboarder and like to go to the mountains at least once a year, but other than snowboarding i do no other sports as I’m pretty lazy but i enjoy meeting with friends, going to parties,drinking,eating,drinking some more and sleeping.


I can’t wait to start this task as i consistently have ideas and i will always think of some way of forming a solution to a problem, but I’m intrigued to start working in a group because most design tasks i have done in the past have been very independent so hearing other peoples concepts should be refreshing.

So far on the course I’ve already met some amazing people that i have lots in common with and i can’t wait to see what this year has to offer!!


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