Helen, Hélène, Helena, Elena…

I’m Helen, no matter how you wish to write or pronounce my name! I’m 19 years old and I’m from…?

11998725_961596110550206_1729055207_nIf that question would refer to what is written on my ID, the answer would be Germany. But the point is that I don’t feel like I am from Germany, as I am more likely to feel like a tourist there, as I lived for almost 13 years in France and then moved to The Hague. In total I speak four different languages: French, German, English and Italian. At the moment I’m also improving my Dutch skills and if someone wants to offer me other language courses, just go for it!

Why I’m studying design? Since I can imagine I have a fable for drawing (usually on my school books) as well as painting and constructing things (lego, candy machine). I’ve always been interested in creation and construction. After I experienced International Business studies last year, I think that Industrial design engineering, suits me way better.

So to me: What I love? my life, my friends, adventures, art expositions, Italy, the sea side, cats, beer, having fun, good laughs, sitting on my couch doing nothing…

I’m full of energy, I’m very optimistic and you will often see me in a good mood! (you still have time to get to know me) Well and what I really like about The Hague and especially this school, is the international environment that we find ourselves in and discovering very diverse cultures from all over the world. I’m excited to meet you all!


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