From Russia with ♡

Yo there,

I’m Victoria (you might know me as Vicky already) and I’m from Russia11114084_1082796455067544_7324965395660592546_n. This is the very first time I’m writing the blog. Writing has never been my strong point, neither talking about myself. But that’s what my recent life is all about: facing new challenges and existing beyond the comfort zone.

So I came from Moscow full of love, energy, excitement, curiosity and enthusiasm. I’ve had a long journey to IDE study. I made up decision that I want to do creative things already at school. However with the advice of my teachers and parents I proceeded to research university. `Thus I have my Ba and M.Sc PM. Meanwhile i followed few courses (like brand management, innovative and anti-crisis management and bla bla bla…), wrote few science articles and lots of other nerdy things. However all these things didn’t bring me so much satisfaction as drawing a picture or making a collage or knitting.

I also have a work experience as well as a participation in some real team projects and now I’m studying IDE at the Haagse Hogeschool.

200-2I love it when work and fun blenders together still leaving space for being creative or serious or lazy etc. And it’s a nice bonus when you can see a physical result of your work and see the real practical use of it.

So my hobbies are: knitting, cooking, designing and crafting interior toys (used to be my moneymaking hobby in Russia), dancing, computer games, reading and so on. Ah yeah I’m also fond of being happy.

What for my character, I think each of you will discover something different in me. To start with, you can find me on social net.

Oh and here is our dream team ^^Photo on 09-09-2015 at 15.04 #2


2 thoughts on “From Russia with ♡

  1. Hi Vicky!
    It’s really nice to read about your academic background; what were the articles about? There are quite a few teachers at IDE who combine teaching with research.

    Did I catch you at our university’s opening event? (I hope this link works)

    I’m really glad you decided to pursuit your passions in creating new things; I wish you all the best with your dreamteam!

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    1. One article was about multicultural co-existing and the problem of cultural preservation within globalization; another one is about the advantages of public-private partnership in the innovational process.

      And yeah it’s me indeed, making a selfie with a king 😀

      Thank you for your help, now I have a clue how the comments should look like ^^


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